Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

About Me

Hi! I'm Laurel. I live at the top of a mountain with my husband of 33 years, my elderly step-father, and a yellow canary. I have two wonderful gownup children. My current "job" is that of housewife and harp teacher. I used to be a harpist until health problems forced my retirement - I'm still dealing with these issues.I am a scanner, which means that I have many interests that change. Some of my more abiding interests are, writing and astrology. With that in mind, I'll tell you that I am a Capricorn with Capricorn rising and an Aquarian moon. My favorite writers are Emerson, Frost, Dickens and Hesse for their noble ideas and love of the goodness in mankind. I'm fond of all animals and nature and recently of photography.

I will use these pages as a tool for discovering myself - because I think that it's never too late! Herein, I will also keep track of my healing journey with ms - multiple sclerosis - in the hope that I may help other people dealing with this challenge. This will NOT be a journal of aches and pains. I will report on various approaches that have worked for me, and maybe those that have not. Health is a state of mind and my mind is focused on gratitude for the miracle of life.

I hope you'll come on the journey with me...


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