Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

My energy misdirected?

Back again after a long absence due to unforeseen events:

My canary died on Saturday. I admit that this was not in my positive thought program of the night before! I think she was sick. She had stayed at the bottom of her cage for a couple of days so I thought her problem was just her long toenails. I reasoned that if toenails get too long a bird can't wrap their toes around a perch. Finally my hubby and I got our courage up (we'd never trimmed bird nails before) so with small clippers and a bleed-stop styptic powder, in case we cut a vein, hubby held her and I trimmed. We could tell she was scared because she struggled so much, opening and closing her beak as though she wanted to bite or breath. Then she got still. I even remarked that "she seems to know that struggle is futile now." Oh God. She was still because she was dead. So here we were cutting the toe nails on our poor bird that was already dead. How stupid of us. We reasoned that she'd probably been sick a couple of days and the fright of being held was just too much for her.

Then the next death we had in the family was that of my computer. This also had been threatening. Dad had downloaded all kinds of stuff from online (without realizing what he was doing) and it has been limping along ever since. No, not limping actually, but falling down in a dead faint, sort of like our beloved canary. Finally we brought it into a computer - doctor, the computer, not the canary. We still haven't heard the diagnosis. Fortunately, I'm able to use my husband's laptop, so all is not lost.

Then the next day we had a big snow fall. This happened the day after a beautiful, but misleading, spring day. In the lovely warm weather, I actually got too warm in my car so I opened two windows. Ahhh. The nice fragrant warmth of spring! The only problem was - I forgot about the open windows and last night we had the snow. It mostly fell inside of my car! Four-inch drifts on both driver and passenger seats. Snow was layered on the steering wheel and the dashboard. With a sinking feeling I realized that for many of my problems I am to blame! It's still freezing now but, gee, when it melts, it will smell. Perhaps a hot dryer applied to the seats will help, once our garage dries out that is.

Oh, and to top that off we've been having electrical problems at our home. The lights keep flickering though we haven't lost power. Then a space heater we keep in a bathroom turned itself on last night! Granted, it was plugged in, but it was turned off. I think I'll give the electric company a call.

This stuff all happened after my positive-thinking visualization too, and that has me stumped. Of course maybe things could have been worse if I hadn't been giving a mind treatment - there is always that thought to cheer one up.

And my new bird - it's a parakeet. He's very shy and scared, but I know he'll warm up to us eventually. He is colorful with green and yellow feathers and a bit of iridescent blue on the end of his tail. He has started to chirp a bit - mostly when the microwave is running.

So today is the day to get back on track with positive and grateful thoughts. I am grateful that the canary only suffered for a short time and that the computer can probably be fixed and we live in a very dry climate so the car will recover and I woke up last night to unplug the heater!


Athena said...

Oh sorry to hear about Daphne. :-( What is your new parakeets name? Very odd about the electricity... but you do have a history of affecting electricity. I wonder if it's just you??? Glad to hear the computer is being fixed! Hooray!

Laurel said...

Thanks Athena. Yes. Maybe it's the electrical problems that I'm prone to. Does this have to do with kundalini?

Laurel said...

Oh, the parakeet's name is Kelly - it was safe because we didn't know what sex he was, and it's easy to remember cause he is "kelly green". I'll post a picture soon. I later learned that its the crop on top of a parakeets beak that distingishes sex - a brown for female and a light blue for male.

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