Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

Saturday morning

Hooray. It's Saturday. I love waking up early on a Saturday morning, going through my mental thankfulness list while the sun is blasting through the blinds in strips and birds are chirping that it is Spring! I thought I heard some baby birds chirping very early - they sounded hungry. Then there was the sharp hammering of our friendly woodpecker. But it's really not that friendly to make such a loud racket so early, especially on the week-end. The exterior walls must be turning into swiss cheese, and it makes my hubby furious. He will bolt out of bed and grab our son's beebee gun and go out trudging through the melting snow and start firing. At first I was upset by this, but he's yet to murder a woodpecker yet! First, he's not such a good shot, and second, woody is too smart for that! Then I go back to sleep.

I've devised a good plan for scaring woodpeckers away. We tried getting a big plastic owl and putting him up on the roof but it kept blowing off and one never knew if one might get hit in the head with a plastic owl and that can hurt. Today were going to look for some kind of a long plastic snake, for birds and snakes are mortal enemies, I think? So anyway, we'll throw the snake up to the roof - it's far upthere for we have two stories. Just seeing the snake might strike fear into woodies hammering little heart and my hubby will get his sleep. That's the hope. I'll let you know...


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