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"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

A snowy saturday

Ahhh. We have been transformed again. Snow on Friday night is always welcome. It means laying in bed most of Saturday morning. After all, there is nowhere to go, no errands and no work. Even if we had to get somewhere, we could not. There is a 4-foot drift in the street in front of our house! It's always entertaining to see who is going to venture out on the street, other than the local huskey who loves the freedom of no cars. The 4-foot drift is bad enough, but it hides a hidden danger to anyone driving down our street. We have deep ditches, instead of sidewalks, on both sides of the street. When snow is drifted on top of the ditches, an unsuspecting driver can go right into one. It's not too dangerous - how fast can one be driving, after all. Once the city snow plow did this and it took a huge truck to pull it out - an all day operation and quite ironic! Now we figure, if there was a true emergency someone would come to the door, call the police, or at least AAA. It's pretty dumb to drive down a street with 4 foot snow drifts! Maybe we've gotten callous living here.

So each snowy morning there is often the sound of shovels and general mayhem. That's how it was this morning. My husband used to run out to help, but now we've learned. Now we just comment to each other, sleepily, "oh, somebody's stuck" and nestle further into our warm and cozy Saturday bed. Later we will use our electric snow blower and join the block-party brigade. We never rely on the snowplow, but take clearing our street into our own hands. What a sight they make: four or five old geezers pushing a row of snow blowers down the street! Snow shooting high in huge clouds, motors roaring. I don't know, I almost wish we could stay snowed-in, what is that important anyway?


RA said...

That sounds so cool! Unfortunate I live in Finland and have had it with snow and winter... again. Happens every Spring. LOL

Laurel said...

I'm looking forward to Spring too - only problem is that's when we get the most snow. But there are warm Spring days in between the blizzards. Finland must be interesting!

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