Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

365 photo project

It was a great day today. Very springlike. We did not even need our coats! Of course we still have snow on our grass, but the driveway is finally clear.

We took Dad to do his banking, and stopped at the Grocery store where I got a bunch of photos for submitting to this web-site I recently joined: it's been a fun photography project and is helping me learn to operate my digital camera - which had me a bit nervous until now. The site is called What the assignment is, is to take one photo every day, submit it and it gets put with a collection one can browse through, and that's it. There are special projects that are proposed which one can do if one chooses, or else you just take any old photo. Some of the people participating are excellent photographers, some, like me are not. Each photo you add is put into a calendar that we should be able to print up at the end of the year. The comradory is great and it is all free.

A project that is set to start tomorrow is called the ROYBGIV project - the colors of the rainbow. Tomorrow is the day for RED. I guess I'm breaking the rules a bit, but I started searching for colors today. The grocery store was a great place to start, especially the produce department, as the fruits and vegetables are so colorful and displayed so attractively. I asked the produce man if it was okay if I took some shots and he seemed pleased as punch - he even offered to tie up some radishes for a better shot. I got great photos of red radishes, oranges, and on the way home, a great shot of a violet Volkswagen bug(!), and an old tractor (not in a color for the project, so I submitted it for today.) Anyway, check it out if you're in need of a creative project! I think everyone votes for their favorites so there is a bit of competition but nothing to get all freaked out about. Someday I plan to get out really early and get sunrise on the mountain.

My hubby made a special dinner for tonight, which he likes to do on the weekends. It's so nice, cause I grow tired of coming up with meal ideas all the time, tho Dad will eat anything that's not moving, my man is more picky. Then for the next few days I'm working on washing the dishes, which would make an amazing photo rivaling those of the leaning tower of Pisa. He's a cute amateur chef, and I am very grateful.


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