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"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

astrology facts

I'm back, I couldn't stay away for a whole day - writing here can be addictive or obsessive or well...just plain fun! As long as I leave time for the things that need to be done, like the grocery store. Today writing seems like a more pressing need.

I want to talk about something as equally off-putting to all my potential new friends out there in blogger land, as speaking of religion might be, and that is astrology. Fads come and go, and it seems astrology is now out-of-style. Ha. I wonder what a planet would say about that? But if you are not "into" astrology please come back tomorrow for I promise to talk about something else. Okay? I think it best to cover all the heavy, offensive details before making small-talk don't you? I was never any good at small talk anyway.

I won't debate about astrology being dumb or true or whatever. I just think that if the process works: use it! My mother was an astrologer and she taught me alot of the basics. It seems to me that there is an overwhelming lot of stuff to learn about the art, and it is very interesting to ponder. Often astrology is helpful, but it can also be damaging: self-fulfilling prophecies and all that. Being told of bad stuff in one's personal chart might not seem like a danger but we humans are a highly suggestible bunch. It's the subconscious. What goes in, stays in. A person can't just decide what information their subconcious will retain, and "believe", or what it will forget or discount. That's why I absolutely hate violent movies and books - why subject oneself to damaging images? That's also why I am leery of making pronouncements on any one's chart; yet knowing certain influences can be very helpful, especially the good influences. When I do charts I focus on the good stuff, like when I teach my students how to play the harp (more on that soon.) Let the good stuff become a self-fulfilling prophesy! There's a happy thought.

There is a new branch of astrology called "evolutionary astrology" and in this, one's chart is seen more as a map of one's current growth. Thus even "bad things that happen to good people" can be spun, or interpreted, into a good thing for one's soul that one will ultimately learn and evolve from. A great astrologer with this approach is named Steven Forrest some of his books rekindled my waning interest in astrology.

But let me expand on some of the details that my chart shows that I am dealing with this time around. Not from a fortunetelling angle or good and bad - just the facts.

My sun is in the 12th house, my moon is in the 1st house. My sun squares my mars. The moon exactly squares my midheaven and north node. I have a mutual reception between Venus in Sag, and Jupiter in Libra. My mercury is on the ascendant going retrograde. Those are the high and low points of my chart. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, Neptune is the most elevated planet near my midheaven. Uranus is in the 7th and Saturn in the 11th. I think my moon may be the problem with my health issues - it also opposes Pluto and is the ruler of my 6th house. There I go - calling the moon my "problem"! How presumptuous. Please forgive these digressions - it's stuff I like talking about.

Later, more news about ms and the burning bush - maybe tomorrow! Also ways in which ones life can become a self-fulfilling prophesy for good fortune!


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