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Dancing with the Stars...

I am feeling a bit more positive today. It is spring (again, and finally!) And we were able to watch "Dancing with the Stars" yesterday, which we have been following religiously. This is the ONLY thing we ever watch on TV anymore. But first, I must rant.

TV has become so focused on sex and violence, that we really find it offensive. Or is this because I'm getting older now? I don't think so. Where are the old warm-hearted shows that used to entertain us? Why does everything have to focus on who is killing whom, or having sex with whom? It's stupid, juvenile and damaging to one's values. Those old sitcoms were funny, and it wasn't fun at other peoples' expense. It's like the old musical/comedies. Why did they have to disappear? Maybe because there is nobody writing them well enough anymore? I wonder if it is art reflecting society or society influencing art? Are we all being reduced to the lowest common denominator?

I have to admit that even Dancing with the Stars tries to be sexy at all costs, and lately the shows seem more focused on who has the biggest breasts, then on dancing. And I love dancing. I'm sure there are people who love the scantily clad bosoms, but they can always see that somewhere else. Ballroom dancing is such a joy. It's one of my favorite forms of exercise. You have nice music to do it to - and I love waltzes and songs by old blue eyes and Nat King Cole -and it's really the only thing you can do and be dressed formally anymore, and I love getting dressed up, and it's something you do with a partner of the opposite sex. So what's not to like?

I probably look like a real kook when I'm dancing, because it's the one thing I do where I seem to constantly smile. I just smile. I can't help it. Dancing is just such a kick.

Dancing with the stars, of course, has to make a SHOW out of it, so there are judges and point systems, and a call-in to vote for one's favorite. That all makes it interesting too. If you haven't watched it, they have professional ballroom dancers who are paired up with some famous person; they are given two dances to learn a week; each dance is to good music; they dance and are judged by three judges who are all professional dancers themselves; their scores are then added to the call-in votes. The dancing is done on Monday nights show, and then the results are presented on Tuesday nights show. That's tonight. Hurray.

Of the competitors who are left, about five couples who haven't been voted off, I think either the girl who is a pussy-cat doll (give me a break) or the olympic ice skater, who will win. The pussy-cat doll is really an excellent dancer, and the olympic skater is great too. We've found that, of course. the "stars" who have previously done some dancing, always do the best, and end up the winner. It also helps what pro they are paired with. Some of the pros are much better choreographers than others. And that is a very important part of the dances, as I said, they don't just dance, for it's more of an act, or a show, but always "strictly ballroom".

The olympic skater is often too balletic for some of the less graceful dances that call for more hip action (which men seem to find difficult). And the pussy-cat doll, though moving with good balletic lines, is just too sexy, like she's doing a strip-tease or something. Of course that goes over well, so I'm sure she'll win. So why isn't Pamela Anderson going to win, since she is by far the winner in the biggest breast contest? She is still in the running. Lately I've noticed that she isn't trying too hard to be Marilyn Monroe anymore. It was really too much. Like when the show started, Pamela, even when standing still, was writhing around all the time. It must be difficult being an aging sex symbol, as my husband defended her by saying. Ahem. I guess you can't just be a normal person, you've just got to writhe, because you're soooo sexy. Revolting. Even the pussy-cat-doll, and I'm sorry I forgot her name, doesn't writhe in self-inspired ecstasy and appears more normal! I mean writhe during the "dance", but not when standing and waiting for the judges results, for heavens sake!

But anyway, we've watched Dancing with the stars since it first came on, and the show has influenced our tastes in movies and exercise. Here is a list of some of our favorite movies that are about dancing which I know you might like:

  • Strictly Ballroom

  • Dirty Dancing

  • Shall We Dance? (American version better than Japanese version upon which it's inspired.)

Watch them, they are all great, and you won't be able to stop smiling! (Dancing has gotta be good for you!)


Athena said...

LOl, you crack me up. I'm really not a fan of Dancing With The Stars - but I know a lot of people love it. I prefer So YOu Think You Can Dance. Actually... there are quite a few shows on tv that are not about sex and violence... I think you and Daddy just never give anything much of a chance. Like "Lost." Best. Show. Ever. :-) Though there isn't much dancing in it.

Laurel said...

I know our opinions aren't very popular.Maybe it is true that we don't give new shows much of a chance. Never seen Lost. We'll have to try it - is it still on? Dancing does not have to be part of a show for me to watch it. LOL

Athena said...

Well I definitely agree with you that a LOT of t.v. is violence and sex and awful. But not everything. Anyway, it's in the last season now. After 7 years - or 5 - or something, so you couldn't start watching it now, lol. I have all the seasons on DVD though if you're ever interested.

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