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"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

Thursday Thunks

Thursday Thunks (from the meme group)

Have you ever been in a play or musical? Were you in the drama club in high school?
answer: Yes. Many. No, I was not in a Drama Club, but took Theater in school. Mr. Bernal was my favorite teacher.

You are walking down the road and the cops fly by you and stop at the house just a little ways down the street. It's the way you were going to go... do you take a detour to avoid it or do you just keep walking because, hey - you had the idea first! or do you walk by out of complete curiosity?
answer: I would definately take another route to avoid trouble.

I drop a green crayon from the roof and Kimber drops a yellow one - which one will grow wings and fly before it hits the ground?
answer: The yellow crayon definately! It's a lighter color than green which can't fly usually.

What is the first section of the grocery store you go to? And I know that sentence doesn't sound right, but I don't care.
answer: The produce section usually - it's closest to my favorite parking place. It's attractive too.

Do you like questions that have a yes or no answer or do you like to actually think for yourself and come up with something original?
answer: this a trick question? Mostly I like thinking questions unless it's a sentence problem in Math, but things aren't always so black and white, or yes or no.

The wall directly in front of you... whats on it?
answer: Two framed pictures of me as a child. One that appeared in the newspaper,cause my mom was a local symphony harpist and she is with me as a baby, and I'm looking at her (MY) harp and sticking out my tongue as I am smiling. The second is of me at the age of about six. I'm playing a small Irish harp and dressed in Medieval clothes. My face is very round and I'm smiling in a forced way, no teeth showing. I think I was miserable. I had to wear a hair net and I remember I hated my costume since I had to wear a white ruff around my neck. This was very unflattering because I had no neck.

Sea salt?
answer: I like it. It's supposed to be good for you. It is also stronger in saltiness, so you do not have to use as much of it so you get less sodium.

420. You know what it is. It's a time, it's a day, it's a way of life. Did you celebrate yesterday?
answer: Huh? No to all those questions.

Can you read a tape measure?
answer: Yes, of course. I used to work in a Fabric store when I was young and had to know how to measure things, and add and subtract measurements.

The city/town/village that you live in... it's population is.....????
answer: Oh, I don't know. It keeps growing. I think it is close to 3,000.

If a laptop fell out of the sky do you think you could catch it? And if you did, do you think it's Finders Keepers?
answer: No, couldn't catch it and yes, I'd keep it.

Driving down the highway, driving down the interstate, driving down a dirt road that you are sure goes absolutely nowhere... whats the longest distance you have ever driven in one trip?
answer: I don't know, but am sure it was when my husband and I drove cross country from CA to WI and somewhere in the middle of Nebraska we went 300 miles out of the way just to get to a Holiday Inn for the night.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
answer: Never counted because I always give up and bite.


Athena said...

There. A bit easier to read. :-)
LOL - 4:20 pm... means it's time to get stoned. April 20th is therefore the annual pot smoking holiday. It's the one day where all over the country they have smoke outs (like in Denver on the steps of city hall) and it's allowed.

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