Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

Found Pasque Flowers right in our side yard!

Look what I found when I drove back up our driveway: Pasque flowers! The flowers we had been searching for the other day. Their other name is the Prarie Crocus. They just turn up in our yard in the Spring - usually around Easter. I just LOVE them. They only last a little while. They are only a couple inches off the ground. They are wild, you never know where they will turn up. So now that I found them and snapped a few shots, I feel so much better about the day. It's funny how a little thing like that can change things.


Athena said...

Those are very pretty! (Hey, do you realize that you can make your images appear much larger? When you upload them you can click on 'small' 'medium' or 'large' - you have yours set to small obviously.)

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