Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

An April Snow

Any one for a backyard bar-b-que? The grill is on the right.

This photo was taken yesterday - and today it is still snowing. The photo is of an abandoned bird house that is attached to one of our Ponderosa pine trees. Believe me, it looks better in the snow. So my husband had to get to work yesterday, but they let him go home early. However the freeway was closed because of major accidents that blocked the road. So he took an alternate route, that required he drive through our town, where the snowplow had not yet visited. This meant that, just five or six blocks from home, he got stuck. Though he has 4-wheel drive, he has a Subaru and the clearence under the car is hardly high enough to drive through a foot or more of snow. He did not want to leave the car there, as it was on a main street and he thought someone might slide into it and hit it. I could not get to him since our driveway, which is like Mt. Everest when it snows, was impossible for me and my rear wheel drive station wagon - needed for harp transport or I'd trade in for something So my husband called upon our long suffering neighbor who has a truck and an SUV (and a camper, and and guns and stuff, you get the idea). He rescued him with a rope hitch to pull my husband's subaru out of the ditch that it slid into. Now, on the way home, turning onto our street, his car slid into another ditch. This time another neighbbor was passing by and he has a snow plow attachment on the front of his pickup. Man these are the sort of neighbors to have! So he also had a hitch which he used to pull my husband out. "Who was that masked man?"
End of story, except it is STILL snowing and my husband went to do some errands. Hope he makes it back safely.


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