Acorns From The Healing Tree


"I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content." ~ St. Paul

Flax seed oil as a favorite restorative!

Flax - a common "weed."

I've been reading too many touchy-feeley pseudo-medical books, that I'm even speaking in their vernacular now. As in, the word "restorative"! Does anyone use that word anymore except for weird alternative medicine freaks such as myself? Maybe not. But what do you call an oil that is listed as an essential oil, meaning that it is not produced by the body, and has to be augmented by food and/or supplements. What if humans never get the required amounts of a substance due to our poor eating habits of ingesting junk food, and processed fats and oils?

Did you know that a brains dry weight is comprised of 60% FATTY ACIDS and that brain tissue is made of 85% water? I hate to think how that is all discovered, but...nevertheless. I'd think that it points to the need to obtain at least some fatty acids in the diet, and also a lot of water! Fatty acids are deplete to an alarming degree in the American diet. There are three main kinds of fatty acids: Omega 3; omega 6; and omega 9. We are deficient in mostly Omega 3's which come from the fats of seeds such as Flax seeds. Yes, olive oil is healthy too, but it does not contain omega 3. This is one reason why fish oil is also good for you, as it is high in omegas also, but I often forget if it's 3 or 6. Whatever you do don't take supplements labeled as omega 9 because the American diet is too high with those already! I think it is what you get from stuff like margarine and vegetable oils.

The diet is such a balancing act, like everything in life, isn't it? Sometimes I just get so sick and tired of it, that I say oh hell, just give me some chocolate ice-cream!

I must say that I tried a recipe in the "Yoga body diet" that my daughter gave me. It was for Italian ices, or "Granita". It was delicious! What you do is just peel some fruit (my recipe called for various spices to be added, like black pepper!) and blend the fruit up in a blender till pureed and then pour the mixture in a freezer container, or a big plastic zip-lock bag, and then every hour mush it up before it gets frozen hard, and then after 3 hours it is ready to eat. I made strawberries and banana. I'm thinking of some other fruits to try next time, with interesting spices. Maybe kiwi and mango? It's such a cooling, low cal, and good for you dessert - I don't know why I didn't think of it before! Of course it's rather time intensive because of the hourly mashing, but fun to do for a weekend! BTW fruits have no essential fatty acids in them. But of course vitamin c is important too and so are the fruit flavanoids, but don't get me started.


RA said...

Oooh, the granita sound delicious! I'm off to give it a go.... :)

Laurel said...

Great! Let me know what fruit you used and how it turned out, okay?

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